Inspiring Digital Transformation.

Learn from a program of education and training developed in industry

Digital technology is perceived by many as a black box they don’t understand. However, it doesn’t need to be.

Over a period of a few years in industry we created a series of education programmes to stimulate and ‘kick-start’ the digital transformation process.

We taught the workforce to become digital innovators rather than users.

Based on this success, we now offer workshops and seminars to help you do the same.


Smart dashboard development

Software development skills have become essential for everyday working life. They are no longer ‘IT skills’.

Designed for complete beginners, this seminar teaches you how to build and automate your KPIs, create live dashboards and automate analytics.

3D Simulation

Save time and money by developing or prototyping your own simulations.

Made for complete beginners, using free tools we learn the basics of 3D simulation by building a factory simulation complete with KPIs

IoT for leaders

A good leader must have some level of technical understanding, especially in the digital world.

The good news is a little goes a long way.

This is a challenging two day seminar in which participants build a digital infrastructure – from connecting sensors to cloud based application development.

Some inspiration.

It all begins with an idea.