What does your customer think about you?

We all know how powerful online data can be – especially social media data.

The question is – how easy is it for you to access? Do you need to spend a fortune? Do you need a team of data wizards?

Recently, I gave a talk to a retail company, and was quite suprised how little they seemed to know about / make use of the vast amount of data at their fingertips.

Simple questions such as:

  • How well are is your brand known?
  • Which regions like you? Which do not?
  • Which products are people talking about?
  • How are your competitors doing?
  • What innovations are trending in your niche?
  • Do you even have a decent online presence?
  • …..

The possibilities are pretty much endless.

Upon discussing this, the overwhelming opinion was ‘we know there is a goldmine out there, but we need expertise to do it’.

And that got me thinking – do you?

So I spent a weekend building an application that analyses sentiment using live Twitter data.

It turns out, with a little time investment, anyone can build something.

The API is very well documented, it’s free, and it’s fast.

Here’s a video of what was done. Don’t ever think you can’t!

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