Custom Software Solutions

Develop what you need.


At some point on the digital journey, a company will face a choice: a custom software solution or an off-the-shelf product?

In our experience, most successful companies choose to develop custom solutions.


Off-the-shelf products can be a cheap, quick way to deliver some of what is needed – however there is a trade-off: a lack of flexibility, slow introduction of new features and stagnating technology. In addition to this, not all features will be used.

A custom solution allows a company to develop and pay for what they require – whilst remaining flexible, technology independent and having full ownership of the product.

Example projects

Intelligent Warehousing

Warehouse management systems are probably the most sought-after custom solutions.

We build systems that offer full traceability, with barcodes, QR codes, FIFO, bonded stock areas, early warning for critical inventory and much more.

The systems are also mobile ready.

Computer Vision AI

Increased computing power combined with a surge in Machine Learning technology in recent years has enabled widespread use of computer vision.

Using real and augmented images, we develop algorithms that use live computer vision to reduce waste, increase efficiency and improve security.

Some examples are: detection of waste, missing material, defective machine parts and facial recognition for security.

Production Monitoring

A common pain point in production is the live visualization of what is happening. Most work is focussed on hand-made analysis of the issues from yesterday.

We develop web based applications (desktop, tablet, mobile) that provide critical information live. Examples include:

  • OEEs
  • Waste imbalances, monitoring
  • Maintenance ticketing / planning
  • Kanban planning
  • Machine prioritization
  • Plant scheduling

Digital Twins & Simulation

The advances of 3D engines over the last 10 years or so has led to a massive increase in the feasibility of developing digital twins and simulations.

Common examples include:

  • Warehousing (transport and layout optimization, live scenario simulation)
  • Factory material flow (layout testing, transport testing,  performance simulations, capacity planning)

Market Analysis & AI

The explosion of social media, internet use and the availability of data through fast APIs gives companies the potential to access a goldmine of information, live.

Common applications include:

  • Sentiment analysis of live social media streams – who, what and where are talking about your product, company and competitors?
  • Anomaly detection of product / company searches – what is trending and where?
  • Machine Learning to cluster and forecast future growth areas

How do you approach projects?

We take an agile approach. This means we develop the project in iterations together.

Each iteration delivers something new of value to you.

At any point in the development, you can stop, pivot to a new idea, or redefine what should be done next.

This saves time, money, and helps get a working project up and running quickly.

How do we begin?

We begin by defining all the major value delivering features you need (or think you need).

We break these down into deliverable pieces, and agree a priority on which they will be implemented.

The features can be chopped / changed at any time. The same goes for the priorities.

How much does it cost?

We charge a fixed rate per developer per day – this is agreed before any work is started.

We will provide an estimate of what resource will be needed to deliver the features in a time scale set by you.

How will the project be maintained?

If needed, we can agree a support and maintenance contract.