Give your teams a chance. Allow them to become digital creators.

Over the past thee or so years, we’ve attended over 20 digital events. Cloud, Tech expos, round tables, discussions – from as few as 30 people up to 500 people.

One common theme jumps out – the lack of ability to innovate using digital technology.

A keystone of innovation is having ideas followed by building, testing, failing and learning from these ideas. Without this capability you will struggle to innovate.

And it’s here that many non tech companies are missing out. There is the false assumption that to build, create and test something digitally is not possible.

This is simply not true. Technology sellers would like to to think this is true, but it isn’t.

Over the past 20 years, thanks to open source software, the accessibility and usability of software has improved immeasurably. All developed with ease of use and speed of production in mind. All with 1000s of online tutorials to help you out.

Take the video below this post – it’s the foundation of what could be a useful visual simulator for testing all sorts of layout and transport ideas.

It was build using Unity3d (, and took about 60min to build.

Unity is one of many free, easy to use tools out there that take just a few hours to learn and will provide huge value.

So before you spend a fortune on some behemoth software provider, give a chance to your teams. Let them learn.

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